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Knowledge & Data Mining International (K&DM) is a business consulting firm with more than 25 years of experience. During this period, the company has built a strong expertise in data and knowledge driven policy and management development for research, environment, agriculture, forestry, and rural development.

K&DM was established in 1990 as a business consulting firm for aquaculture companies. During the last 25 years, the company has systematically broadened its activities to other sectors. It also broadened its expertises to analytics, innovation, strategy, marketing and communication

Since the beginning of 2016 K&DM is active in the field of rural development including policy development, policy support, benchmarking (EU level), scientific advice, project development, business model and strategy development, marketing and communication in the field of agricultural and rural development including services to rural estates (historic estates, agriculture, forestry, nature). K&DM is active on as well the local scale (policy and management support to ‘Landelijk Vlaanderen’, the Flemish Landowners’ Organization active in the field of nature, forestry, agriculture and historic estates) as on the European scale (scientific support to the European Landowners’ Organization and Friends of the Countryside, both active in the field of historic estates).

K&DM is editor for ‘De Landeigenaar’, a magazine for landowners including topics on nature management, agriculture, forestry and historic property management.

K&DM consultants are regularly involved in the development of innovative concepts for the European Commission (DG Research, DG Environment), e.g. nature based solutions, ecosystem services.